Queen Jadwiga's Academy chooses Webflow as the engine for its new website

Queen Hedvig Academy
Figma, Webflow, make.com, Mailerlite

The Queen Hedvig Academy website is a project focused on executive education, with an emphasis on leadership and investment strategies. The website design, made in Figma, combines elegance with functionality, perfectly adapting to the needs of the Academy.

What have we done?

  • Dedicated project in Figma: Creating a personalized design that reflects the prestige and character of the Academy.
  • Implementation in Webflow: Using the Webflow platform,
  • Webflow Membership : implementation of a system for effective management of access to programs.
  • Automation: using the make.com platform to prepare automation combining Webflow and Mailerlite,
  • Use of Mailerlite: Implementation of Mailerlite as the main communication system, using prepared templates for effective information transfer.
Queen Hedvig Academy