7 Mistakes You Must Avoid as a Webflow Designer

Webflow Designer working on website in computer

Webflow is one of the most innovative web design tools on the market. However, like any tool, it has its challenges. To ensure the maximum quality of your project, it is important to know and avoid potential mistakes. We present the 7 most common mistakes made by Webflow experts and tips on how to avoid them.

1. Improper management of CSS classes

In Webflow, CSS classes are a key element. Improper management may lead to problems with the appearance of the website and make further work difficult.

How to avoid:

  • Use consistent class naming.
  • Avoid excessive use of global classes.
  • Regularly review and organize your classes, removing unnecessary ones.

2. No optimization for mobile devices

Nowadays, a responsive website is essential. Ignoring mobile devices is a serious mistake.

How to avoid:

  • Test your website regularly in different screen resolutions.
  • Use Webflow features to create responsive design.

3. Unoptimized graphics

Heavy, unoptimized graphics can significantly impact the page's loading time and its position in search results.

How to avoid:

  • Always compress graphics before adding them to your project.
  • Use image formats appropriate for the image type (e.g. SVG for icons).

4. Excessive design complexity

Too complicated structures and excess animations may not only be problematic for the user, but also make work on the website difficult.

How to avoid:

  • Focus on simplicity and readability.
  • Avoid excessive use of animations and visual effects.

5. Misuse of interactions

Interactions are a powerful tool in Webflow, but if used incorrectly they can be confusing and disorienting for users.

How to avoid:

  • Use interactions in moderation and always with the user in mind.
  • Make sure each interaction has a clear purpose.

6. No integration with other tools

Webflow offers tons of integrations with external tools. Failure to use them may limit the potential of your website.

How to avoid:

  • Check out available integrations in Webflow such as make.com (task automation) or Weglot (language versions of your website)
  • Use those that will bring value to your project.

7. No continuous testing

Regularly testing the website will allow you to detect and quickly fix any errors. Responsively works best for this. This application will help you check how your website looks on different devices.

How to avoid:

  • Test the website in different browsers and devices.
  • Encourage others to test your website and collect their feedback.


Success in creating pages in Webflow depends on the proper management of many aspects of the project. By avoiding common mistakes like the ones mentioned above, we can create functional, attractive and optimized websites that meet the expectations of both users and developers. With these tips in mind, we can take the quality of our Webflow projects to the next level. If you have additional questions, please see the FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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