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UX/UI design, Webflow development


MyRoof solar roofs are the first roofs of Polish production that allow you to obtain energy from the sun. The project is progressing thanks to the support system solution provided by mdmNT. The installation of the roof also used accessories and photovoltaic panels from the best suppliers on the market.

The mdmNT company has been operating since 1995 in the south of Poland - in Bielsko-Biała. Production and assembly plants are located there.

MyRoof solar roofs are a modern solution, which is why the proposed design is elegant, minimalistic and with interesting animations.

MyRoof website - Solar roofs implemented on Webflow

The page has several elements that are animated as the page is scrolled. I used lottie files provided by Rebell Studio to animate the animations.

MyRoof solar roof animation on Webflow
Animation on the MyRoof website
Panel delamination animation on MyRoof website
MyRoof website design

The MyRoof website was prepared in Webflow. Thanks to this, it was easy to prepare a responsive version for each of the subpages.

The mobile version of the MyRoof website on Webflow

Using the GSAP library, I made an image viewer that works in the form of a stack.

Animation of browsing photos on mobile

Ultimately, the Professional Zone will function on the MyRoof website. It will be a place prepared especially for Roofers and Architects. Instructions, tips and valuable interesting information will be available. All in video and PDF format.

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